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My Ta-Da list

I was feeling a bit discouraged about what I wasn’t getting done on my To-Do list. To-Do lists aren’t my favorite, but I do see the benefits. If I don’t have a direction to go in, I tend to spin … Continue reading

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Feeling Fat

I feel fat.It’s not that I jumped on a scale or couldn’t fit into my pants. It’s just a feeling. I am by no means in the best of shape nor the shape I dream of being, but I have … Continue reading

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Things I Hear Myself Say Day After Day…

Here are some of the things I might say on a typical day. Most of it isn’t original to me. I hope the repetition of the good will stick with my children all their lives, and the repetition of the … Continue reading

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So, do you work or are you at-home?

Somehow, I have always found the “Do you work or are you at-home?” a difficult question to answer. The answer is yes. Yes, I do work. Yes, I am at-home. There is an awkward silence followed by the “I wish … Continue reading

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Comfort Eating or Comfort Starving: Which is Your Guilty Pleasure?

I have heard many people talk about weight they need to lose because they gained weight as a result of comfort eating. Comfort eating is eating not out of true physical need to eat but to soothe unpleasant emotions. Just … Continue reading

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Get changed from your purpose-ident

After changing my daughter’s utterly disgusting diaper, I connected the parallels between her situation and the human condition. She was happily playing while boldly proclaiming, by visible stain soaked clothes and telltale odor, her mess. I laid her down and … Continue reading

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