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Cleaning out my purse

Cleaning out my purse After weeks of just shoving stuff in my purse (Weeks is generous. I don't know when I cleaned this purse out last.) I decided to clean out my purse. The build up of reasons to clean … Continue reading

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A new cave is coming

We will be moving this month. It feels crazy. There is too much to do. BUT, part of the excitement I have is creating a little nook of space dedicated to all things creative. It may be a small nook, … Continue reading

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When an experiment goes right

On Tuesday, my daughter and I had an opportunity to spend some girl time together. We did some nails and watched a movie. Then she suggested we make some vegetable bread. While I admired her desire to make something healthy, … Continue reading

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My freezer paper stencil onesies

I think I might burst if I don’t write something. I haven’t seemed to master the keep on top of house, kids, craft and writing like so many bloggers. I have been busy–especially in the digital scrap booking department. So, … Continue reading

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Baby gifts: ties and vests

I have been following some blogs checking out baby gifts. I have had a friend who did the tie t-shirt and was excited to give it a try. Then, I ventured out onto my own. My first attempts where following … Continue reading

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My Ta-Da list

I was feeling a bit discouraged about what I wasn’t getting done on my To-Do list. To-Do lists aren’t my favorite, but I do see the benefits. If I don’t have a direction to go in, I tend to spin … Continue reading

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The First Day of School is Coming up Fast

The first day of school is coming up fast.The flurry of buying supplies, over. I hope.The energy, kid energy, both positive and negative are serging.I wonder what my days will be like, again, with a single little one toddling around.At … Continue reading

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