When an experiment goes right

On Tuesday, my daughter and I had an opportunity to spend some girl time together. We did some nails and watched a movie. Then she suggested we make some vegetable bread. While I admired her desire to make something healthy, I was quite sure lettuce wouldn’t work in bread. Then I started to think about how unsure I was about it working and not wanting to waste the ingredients. I stopped my negative thoughts and decided that the time together and trying something new with my girl leading the way was worth the investment even if it flopped.
After getting mentally invested, I realized I didn’t have enough yeast. I plunged ahead by adding some extra baking powder. I divided the dough in half and discussed the possible veggies. We landed on shredded carrots and diced tomatoes. I added Italian seasonings and powdered garlic. We kneaded and added some extra flour–the veggies made the dough a bit sloppy.
After letting it rise. I shaped the dough into two big and two small loves. Half of it was veggie. It went into the oven and came out great. The outside of the bread was hard on the top, but the inside was soft and tasty. We enjoyed this bread with some homemade chicken soup. My husband said the bread tasted like something from Panera’s. Since I really like Panera’s, I took that as a great compliment.


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1 Response to When an experiment goes right

  1. Eileen says:

    How very inventive. I’m really impressed at the adjustments you came up with and the bread came out beautifully. Me? I would have thought, not enough yeast – no way I can make bread today. Good for you. What a great lesson and experience for your daughter.

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