My Ta-Da list

I was feeling a bit discouraged about what I wasn’t getting done on my To-Do list. To-Do lists aren’t my favorite, but I do see the benefits. If I don’t have a direction to go in, I tend to spin my wheels without getting much done–so it seems. It becomes a to-do (did you know to-do is defined as “bustle; fuss”?). My ever increasing to-list becomes a to-do making me feel crazy inside.
Not that I want to totally scrap the to-do list idea, it is a good thing. I want to turn discouragement into courage by fighting the lie: I haven’t done anything today. So, I have decided to make a Ta-Da list (defined as “a jovial interjection in making an announcement, taking a bow, etc.”). This will be my backwards to-do list. I will write down the things I have done today. So, here is my–wow, is it really 2pm–Ta-Da list:
(Note: This is not chronological)
Got out of bed, dressed, brushed teeth, ate breakfast.
Listened to the Daily Audio Bible.
Took a shower and cut my hair.
Swept bathroom floor and wiped down the counters–hair gets everywhere.
Fed baby girl snacks, read to her countless books, played with her.
Cleaned up one of the “played with her” piles.
Emptied and loaded the dishwasher.
Put away breakfast things and wiped down the table.
Changed little girl’s diapers.
Folded laundry.
Put in another load and flipped it.
Worked on my budget planning.
Read and deleted a bunch of e-mails.
Had a nice talk with my mom–good relationships should be on everyone’s to-do list but rarely make it on the radar as important.
Made pizza dough for our pizzas tonight.

So, I could kick myself for everything I didn’t do. Rather, I will stand tall for what I did do. Once encouraged, I will take a look at that to-do list again and remind myself I have what it takes to succeed in those challenges. Maybe I should take a break first; I’ve been busy.

One more thing to add to my Ta-Da list: wrote and posted blog entry.



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