The First Day of School is Coming up Fast

The first day of school is coming up fast.
The flurry of buying supplies, over. I hope.
The energy, kid energy, both positive and negative are serging.
I wonder what my days will be like, again, with a single little one toddling around.
At times, a quiet house.
Little blocks, board books and new words.
Exploring. Lots of exploring.
Long naps for Elmo and Pink bear with their beloved. I hope they are long, even if it’s just one.
Could I have time to create?
Only if I Buy up the moments and choose wisely.
Then comes the rushing sound of students returning. Backpacks and lunch bags trailing behind.
There are stories to share both of victories as well as wounds.
School projects and field trips and homework.
The first day is coming up fast.
Take a deep breath.
Ready. Set. Go!


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One Response to The First Day of School is Coming up Fast

  1. Janet says:

    Only a super Mum could come up with something like that.

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