Things I Hear Myself Say Day After Day…

Here are some of the things I might say on a typical day. Most of it isn’t original to me. I hope the repetition of the good will stick with my children all their lives, and the repetition of the bad, gulp, will fade into the background.

Was it loving, necessary or true? If not, don’t say it.

Obey, right away, with a happy heart.

This is going to take a lot longer now that you said, “When is this talk going to be over?”

You win or lose by the way you choose.

The answer to nagging is “no.”

I would be glad to talk with you if you would come into the same room I am in.

If what you are trying isn’t working out, try something different or get help.

If I have to clean up your stuff, I get to decide if it is trash or treasure.

You can do whatever you want, but you have to face the consequences of your choices.

Have you had any water today?

I love you.

Grumpy gets 15 minutes on his/her bed. (That includes me, but none of my kids have sent me there. I have sent myself.)

You really can’t find anything to do? I can make some suggestions.

When you are an adult, you can stay up as late as you want.

Yes, I know you don’t want a nap. Only adults want naps.


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2 Responses to Things I Hear Myself Say Day After Day…

  1. Janet says:

    That is utterly fantastic, makes sense wish l had the wording to choose instead of shouting and yelling at the kids when they were younger.

  2. Ama says:

    I LOVE this, Cheryl!

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