Skype Baby Cam

I have been working in my girl cave to do some creating while my baby girl naps. The problem is the distance. She is on the other end of the house. I can’t hear or see if she is awake. It is problematic because I wonder if she’s awake and constantly check on her outside her door. One reason for the extra checking is because she is keeps her knee caught between the slats. Loads of mommy guilt piles up after knowing she’s been crying because of her knee predicament. Red tired, angry eyes. I shutter to think about it.
I did a google search for some free solutions and found one here. Since I already have Skype and multiple devices, I decided to set it up. I tried it on my Mac and a netbook.
I found my little girl fascinated with looking at herself in the video. This is fine when I am watching her from the kitchen and she is in the living room. Not fine when I want her to be sleeping. An added bonus is the ability to talk to her and hear her. My six year old had a silly smirk once he realized where my voice was coming from. He was truly impressed.
So I am trying it out for the first time as a nap cam. It was very cool to see her on my iPad. When I laid her down, she wasn’t exactly excited to be in bed. I watched her go through her routine of playing and resting. Currently, she is all quiet. I am happy to be able to peek in on her without needless running up and down the stairs. Very cool solution. Thanks tecklore guy!


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2 Responses to Skype Baby Cam

  1. Janet says:

    l think that is a fantastic idea really frees you up knowing that Emma is safe.

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