Get changed from your purpose-ident

After changing my daughter’s utterly disgusting diaper, I connected the parallels between her situation and the human condition. She was happily playing while boldly proclaiming, by visible stain soaked clothes and telltale odor, her mess. I laid her down and changed her. Then she was free to play.
We, too, are caught with blatantly obvious signs of our mess, our sin. Like her, we hide or pretend as if all is well. We’re too busy to stop and let God change us. We tell ourselves we’re having so much fun and can put up with the stink and discomfort. Sure, my bum is raw with blisters, but I don’t want to miss anything; getting changed is so inconvenient and takes forever. I’ll just make it as comfortable as possible and just keep playing (this was something another child of mine rationalized).
While I am only human and need to discover my precious one’s predicament, God is ever aware. He doesn’t discover anything. He knows it before we make the choice. Sometimes, he prompts us to be more aware with the hope we will come to be clean.
What’s involved in a change? First, we need to go to the Father and lay down our will and our way. If we are unwilling, He may need to humble us. Once we are reposed, our mess is exposed. Oh, the vulnerability! There’s no hiding nor prettying it up. Then, God has all the resources necessary to make us clean. There is no scolding. This is absolutely a loving act solely for our good. Now, fresh and clean, we are free.
One big difference between us and my 1 1/2 year old: she is not willfully choosing this lifestyle and cannot be any other way. As she grows and learns, she will have accidents until she is fully trained.
Conversely, we don’t have accidents with sin. Once we are God’s child, we willing choose. We purpose to go God’s way or our own. We want to believe we fell into it. We can’t oopsy into sin. We know what we’re doing. We have purpose-idents. Then there is a mess. While we may have fewer purpose-idents with a particular sin, we will continue to struggle. Thankfully, God not only cleans us up, He grows us up as we are willing to let Him. Smell the stink? It might be you. Go to the Father and be changed.


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