Double use

I’m a fan of using and reusing. Recycling is one thing, but reusing is a different slant. Here are some of my double duty kitchen items:

Cooling rack for baked goods reuse as a drying rack for clean dishes. I put a towel underneath and the dishes have access to air for drying.

Medium-small size scoop for ice cream, uniform cookies, filling burritos as well as topping shepherd’s pie with mashed potatoes. While it’s still a scoop, it can be used for sweet or savory items.

Tooth brush for teeth now. Later, when it’s not useful for teeth, use it as a nail brush. There really isn’t a better way to get that grim out of the fingernail. Maybe this is an issue only in my home.

Tupperware for storage and for toddler play. There’s so much sorting, stacking and scooping to do in a day. If you need it, wash and use. Also, while you’re making a dry mix for, pancake batter, make a second dry batch. Label it and you are halfway there for the next time.


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