There’s always a question when holidays are nearly here. It’s the discussion about what to do with gifts, candy and activities with the kids. Do we give gifts? If we do, how much and where is that money coming from? Candy, really? We still haven’t eaten all the candy from Christmas.  It’s an interesting dance because my husband and I come from very different backgrounds. Then there is  our dwindling account with very little to blow on non-essentials.

I look at them as non-essentials, but my husband and children see it differently. There is so much more to living than the non-essentials. There are experiences and memories to be made. Once we got the “where is that money coming from” out of the way, I proceeded to do something nice, practical and non-bank breaking.

The first thing we did was ditch the traditional Easter basket. We opted for a shoebox size rubbermaid bin. It’s inexpensive, $1, and can be used again and again.

I couldn’t see us putting nice gifts in the non-Eastery “baskets”, so I went to the craft store and purchased some fat quarter fabrics in colors I thought the kids would like. Each cost around $1.30–next time, I need to plan ahead and get them for a better price. In the end, I folded the edges over and sewed. They can do whatever they want with the fabric–that’s part of their gift.

For the filling, we went for the traditional chocolate bunny, jelly beans and a few other candies–using sales and coupons. We got some trail mix in individual containers and some crafty things. We added the things we received from my mom–the package arrived Saturday afternoon.

For my 1 1/2 year old, I wasn’t going to go the choking hazard candy and toys path. I bought some things she could really use and enjoy (like a new bowl with the suction bottom) and added some animal crackers in the bowl. Since she’s more and more into self-feeding, it slows down the quick, on-the-floor scares. I thought her basket was lacking, so I made felt toys: a “Food” bag, an apple and a banana. Humble beginnings, but I will make more once I purchase the right colors.

For this year, the questions have been answered. I’m sure it’ll come up again with the next holiday. But, this is part of the adventure. The best part is me being up in my cave for numerous hours creating.


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