SMS via e-mail, update Facebook via e-mail and text, so fun…

I feel cleaver when I learn a new techno technique. I may be the last person  to find this out–while I suspect I am not, it satisfies my geekish soul as I cause the digital world to work for me.

I have an ipad, Macbook pro and a cell phone (nothing exciting there). I am on Facebook and Twitter. I like to stay in touch and keep up with my social network–or in the very least, know I could. I don’t necessarily want to make a lot of switches from one venue to the next. I want an easy way to connect when I am at home or out and about.

SMS via e-mail. I discovered some people will not check their answering machine or e-mail for days. Scratch that. They won’t respond. But send a text, and seconds later there is an answer. I am a fast typer and a slow texter. So in comes my solution to e-mail my texts. This is handy when I am in front of my iPad or Mac and my phone is off somewhere. Here’s how to do it:

1. Find out the carrier of your text-ee. You can ask or do some research. can work but isn’t always accurate. I did use this to discover my mom really didn’t have Verizon even though she thought she thought she did.

2. Find out the carrier’s @e-mail. I found wikipedia helpful.

3. Put together your recipient’s 10-digit number followed by @carrier’s info. Something like:

He will receive the text. When he responds, you will get it in your e-mail box. Pretty cool!

Just make sure you don’t run up their phone bill with your newfound skill. That’s just not nice.

Now Facebook updates via e-mail, SMS or Twitter.

E-mail and SMS:

Go to Facebook mobile. You don’t have to download an app for your phone unless you want (that’s at the top of the screen). Go to Upload via Email and follow the instructions. That should be enough. You will get a personalized upload email. Save that and e-mail away.

For SMS, look for the section about Facebook Text Messages. You can get as much or as little texted to you and there is instructions on how to send your updates.

With Twitter, here is Dave’s tutorial.

Let me know how it works for you. While it makes perfect sense to me, your feedback will help fill in any gaps.


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