Update on yogurt, oatmeal and laundry

The yogurt was a success! Thank you crock pot diva Stephanie. I used some of it to make a yogurt smoothie with frozen banana and fresh strawberries. I added some water to make it drinkable. Everyone had some. Everyone enjoyed it. The yogurt is tart, but I don’t normally have it plain. Need to add some fixin’s to make it really work. My oldest wants me to add some lime flavoring to make it taste like his favorite key lime pie yogurt. Since I don’t have any lime extract–if there is such a thing–we’ll have to go with strawberries for now.

The overnight oatmeal flop was made into bread and added to Saturday morning pancakes. The bread turned out okay. Not great, but okay. The pancakes had too much cooked oatmeal and therefore didn’t taste fully cooked. It looked great on the outside. The interesting thing is how filling the pancakes were. Must do more with this but add less oatmeal mush.

I still have more oatmeal mush and oatmeal bread dough. The dough is in the freezer for another day. I may try the mush tomorrow with lots of additions. The cooked bread was turned into baked fresh toast. Yum.

I have now done three loads of laundry with my homemade stuff. I am using 1/4 cup at this point and am fairly pleased with it. It’s not getting out every single stain, but that is true for some of the purchased detergent too. Plus, I am terrible at laundry anyway. I need a true laundry diva to invade my home and show me how it’s really done–but we still need to use the homemade detergent. Waste not.


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