Experiments in the kitchen

I’m so excited about my experiments today. One was a failure that I have turned into another experiment. I have attempted to make my own powdered laundry. I tried to make overnight crockpot oatmeal and failed. It turned into soup, so I am trying to salvage it by turning it into bread. The verdict is still out on those because bread needs to be baked and laundry needs to run it’s cycle.
There are endless save money sites out there. I can easily get sucked into reading and dreaming. Today, I put some of those ideas into action.
As far as the oatmeal in a crockpot goes, I want to give it another try and make some modifications. I know the steel cut is recommended. Some claim it can be done with regular rolled oats. I got oatmeal soup this morning. My soup will be added to pancakes tomorrow too. When I get a chance to get the steel cut oatmeal, I’ll write more about that.
With the laundry soap, I made my powder with
1 bar of ivory soap, grated
1 cup borax
1 cup Arm & Hammer laundry soap
2 scoops of oxy clean knock off

I mixed it together and put it in the food processor. It looks like laundry powder. I put in 1/8 cup in my first load. I added vinegar to the rinse cycle. It came out okay. Nothing spectacular. The bibs didn’t get as clean as I wanted. But that is true with store-bought detergent sometimes. I have started a second load and doubled the amount of powder.


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