Valentine’s Day Cards

I went a bit crazy in the Valentine’s Day cards for my kindergartener and third grader’s classmates. It’s when I’m well into it that I realize I have made it more complicated than I needed. By that point, I am committed to finish the project. Boy am I glad my seventh grader didn’t want me to make a mass of cards for all his mates.

With my kindergartener, I gave him way too much say and tried way too many complicated, untested media forms. It’ll be a while before I attempt glitter again. In the end, he was happy while I was feeling the angst of wanting it to look better but needing to let go. That is the mercy and burden of a time constraint. Note to self: plan ahead before sitting down with a six-year-old to do crafting.

Today with my third grader, I took the time to prefabricate the card stock, envelopes and set out my ideas for something simple. Since she had to be out the door, we needed to fly. Thankfully, she ran with my ideas.

Here’s how it went. I took a few 12 x 12 scrapbook pages and cut them into 6 x 3’s. After folding them in half (making them 3 x 3 cards), I started on the envelopes. I looked for some lighter weight, colored paper. Nothing grabbed me. I remember about using magazine paper. I don’t know where that came from, but I can remember the idea was to find beautiful pictures. I didn’t have time for that. I cut up a Publix store magazine. Note to self: remove usable coupons before cutting up a store magazine.

I cut the pages down to 5 x 5. I scored the four corners to nicely fold around the cards. I used a gadget called “The Enveloper” to do this, but it would work just placing the card in the center and folding around it. On the back of the envelopes, I glued a “Happy Valentine’s Day” sign.

I kept the cards simple. One scrapbook cutout on the front affixed with a padded, double-sided tape per card. She wrote what she wanted on the inside.

Names were written on the bottom of the “Happy aValentine’s Day” sign. The card was placed inside. The envelope was sealed with a heart sticker. I taped a little bag of candies on the outside over the heart. Done. This time, we are both pleased, and I am not staying up late cutting and gluing.


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