Projects started

One of the things I want to do this year is devote some time to crafting. For me, using my creativity in a useful way is the most rewarding. Just making something just for its own sake isn’t for me. I was able to do a copious amount of crafting for Christmas gift giving at the end of last year and am itching to some more.
So far, most of my crafting has been dreaming about having time to craft. Like my writing, its been put on the back burner for important things like surviving an endless battle with colds. I’m currently battling round two. Today has marked a good change–even with a snuffly head.
I had a lovely time at the craft store going aisle by aisle looking for deals and dreaming. All I really needed was something to patch my six-year-old’s school pants. But since I was there–alone–and with no time pressures, I did some shopping therapy. This a rare occurrence for me since I rarely am alone with time or money to do such things. In budget land, I’ll figure it out later.
I walked away with various things besides the patch including supplies to teach myself how to knit. I’ve had a total of two lessons from people who know what they are doing. One lesson was way back when I was pregnant with my eight-year-old. The second was just over Christmas break.
With that itch, I have made it through casting on, knit and purl. It’s hardly beautiful. Pictures to follow. My goal with this? I want to make a sleeveless sweater for me. While being totally ambitious and self-focused, it’s a good goal. In the process I’ll probably have to make someone a scarf or something rectangular–isn’t that the rule for first projects–simple and quick at first.
By the way, I did do the patch. We’ll see how long it lasts.


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