HomeRoutines app helping put goals into completed tasks.

So, I found this incredible app for my iPad called HomeRoutines. It has helped me take some of the chaos in my brain to actual progress. I started looking at FlyLady–something I had done a while ago. I needed to get back to some of the basics. I felt overwhelmed wondering where to begin.
I came across the HomeRoutines app and have not been disappointed. It has allowed me to get an orderly list that can be repeated and easily checked off. I added other goals I wanted to incorporate into my regular routine: reading, writing, crafting and healthy living.
The nice thing about the program is that I can pick the tasks I want to do regularly and when I want to do them. I can set it to reset a certain day as well. When it’s not that day, I don’t have to see the routine. I know, in the back of my mind, it’ll be brought up another day. That helps me to shelve it.
I haven’t checked off everything on my list. But for me, moving in the right direction is good enough. One reason I have gotten so much done is my littlest one has been sick. At least for the last two days, she’s been doing some major sleeping. This evening, she has perked up some. Goal completion with active toddler will be a new challenge to my new routines.
Here are some of my successes: drank more water, exercised, ate more veggies, did some organizing and cleaning, got my kids doing more around the house because I was prepared, started reading a new book and added a new blog entry. Going in the right direction. Yeah!


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