Setting a time budget

While I was writing down some of the goals (and some dreams) I wanted to accomplish this year, I began to feel the pinch of time. When in the world am I going to do all these things! Some items on my list are not essentials, so how can I justify doing those when other duties scream, “Me first!” These desires may not be necessary like food on the table or clean underwear, but I know what chaos will be in my head and heart if I don’t pursue them. I am the kind of person content to be going in the the right direction even if I can’t get all my boxes checked off. I am a terrible manager of time as well. I wonder if those two things go together.
So I began writing down a time budget–not an idea unique to me. I started with 168 hours in a week. I began to think through all the things I needed to do–the essential–like sleep, eat, cook meals. I wrote down how long I thought each task would take knowing that some things will overlap. But at 168 hours, I needed to stop. I am planning on tracking myself starting on Monday to see how I really spend my time but, at the same time, keeping in my mind the goals of what I want to incorporate in my week–like exercise. That always gets squeezed out. In the process, I will discover essentials that I didn’t put down while traveling back home from our Christmas vacation.


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