Welcome 2011

I am so ready for a new year. I am looking forward to new beginnings and new ideas. As always, I want to be a better wife and mother. I want to do life better. What will that look like? What is realistic? I’m not very good at realistic. I dream big and take on more than I can handle.
I am going to start by writing down some goals. Maybe they are resolutions since it’s a new year. But I am not going to begin them on the 1st. I’m not ready for that. I takes time to think things through. I was told the best way to do it is to think about where you want to be and think from there backwards to make plans. Also, the goals need to be specific. So, rather than wanting to be healthier (not specific), it needs to be weigh xxx lbs or fit in those xx size jeans or eat all my veggie servings and drink 8 glasses of water.
Some things are not resolutions but things to keep doing–here, here for good habits already in place.
Tomorrow, we head back home. So I will have some time to think and make some plans.


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