Cleaning out my purse

Cleaning out my purse

After weeks of just shoving stuff in my purse (Weeks is generous. I don't know when I cleaned this purse out last.) I decided to clean out my purse. The build up of reasons to clean it out were mounting. First was the trip to the library.

At the library, I was asked to provide my ID to renew our library cards. I had already done it the week before, but I guess it wasn't entered in properly. Sigh. So, I got out my driver's license. Then I started looking for the piece of paper that the DMV mailed to me stating that my actual address is different from what is on my license. It may have not taken me very long, but I felt my face redden the longer it took. The kids were getting squirrelly too. “I need to clean out my purse,” I apologize–not that the librarian cared. I did find it. The victory paled in comparison with the struggle to find that single paper amidst all the stuff in my purse.

Secondly, Friday came. I knew I needed to finalize the finances from Febrary. Yes, I am behind. If I were to do it well, I needed to find all the receipts from my purse. So, as a prerequisite before diving into the finances, I dumped out the contents of my purse.

I was amazed with how much garbage was in my purse. Apparently, I had no bins around for a long time and just stuffed in every scrap of paper, napkin, whatever, even if I didn't need it anymore. (Picture on left.)

Here is what I discovered by cleaning out my purse

  • I collect the girls' hair bows, clips, and ponies. (Funnily, my older daughter asked me if I had a hair pony with me today. Had she asked me a week ago, I would have had it along with an assortment of other hair options. They were all put away at home.)
  • Even though I don't often eat out, I have a stack of napkins. (I now have one in my purse. The rest are in the car–ready if needed.)
  • I keep things for reasons I don't remember why I decided to keep them. I found an old Starbucks card (empty) along with the card they were mailed in. Why did I still have them? And why in my purse?
  • If I don't take the make up out of my purse, they will go bad because I rarely reapply make up. (I don't often wear a lot of make up.)
  • My purse looks naked without all the extra unnecessaries. Since I cleaned it, I have been looking at it thinking I must have lost or left something. The thinner iPad does make a huge difference too.

What would you discover about yourself if you cleaned out your purse?

Anyone brave enough to take a picture and post it?

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A new cave is coming

We will be moving this month. It feels crazy. There is too much to do. BUT, part of the excitement I have is creating a little nook of space dedicated to all things creative. It may be a small nook, but a girl can dream big creative dreams even with a small space. And since it will be ours, we can make it have our own style.
Now I have to figure out what our style is.

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When an experiment goes right

On Tuesday, my daughter and I had an opportunity to spend some girl time together. We did some nails and watched a movie. Then she suggested we make some vegetable bread. While I admired her desire to make something healthy, I was quite sure lettuce wouldn’t work in bread. Then I started to think about how unsure I was about it working and not wanting to waste the ingredients. I stopped my negative thoughts and decided that the time together and trying something new with my girl leading the way was worth the investment even if it flopped.
After getting mentally invested, I realized I didn’t have enough yeast. I plunged ahead by adding some extra baking powder. I divided the dough in half and discussed the possible veggies. We landed on shredded carrots and diced tomatoes. I added Italian seasonings and powdered garlic. We kneaded and added some extra flour–the veggies made the dough a bit sloppy.
After letting it rise. I shaped the dough into two big and two small loves. Half of it was veggie. It went into the oven and came out great. The outside of the bread was hard on the top, but the inside was soft and tasty. We enjoyed this bread with some homemade chicken soup. My husband said the bread tasted like something from Panera’s. Since I really like Panera’s, I took that as a great compliment.

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My freezer paper stencil onesies

I think I might burst if I don’t write something. I haven’t seemed to master the keep on top of house, kids, craft and writing like so many bloggers. I have been busy–especially in the digital scrap booking department. So, to set my mind at ease–and relieve the guilt of not having posted in so long–here are some samples of my attempts at freezer paper stenciling.  


This monogram turned out great. It was crazy cutting it out. While I love the font I used, it was not in anyway practical. 

This is a simple flower with a button. Not too complicated. 

I had fun with this one. It’s a reverse stencil. I ironed on the heart and painted out from the center. 


In my fantasy world, I have endless time, energy and resources to do all the crafting I dream up. With the holidays now here, I hope to do a lot of crafting. Got to fight the time, energy and resource limitations–and get a hold of time management.  

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Baby gifts: ties and vests

I have been following some blogs checking out baby gifts. I have had a friend who did the tie t-shirt and was excited to give it a try. Then, I ventured out onto my own. My first attempts where following the tutorial at Here are my creations:

My first onesie tie

This is my first onesie tie.

I liked the way it came out and decided to make more.

I tried making my own template, but I think I like hers better.

Then I went into a new direction: vests. I made my own template and am pleased with how it came out.

I need to experiment with girlie designs too. But I will leave that for another day.

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My Ta-Da list

I was feeling a bit discouraged about what I wasn’t getting done on my To-Do list. To-Do lists aren’t my favorite, but I do see the benefits. If I don’t have a direction to go in, I tend to spin my wheels without getting much done–so it seems. It becomes a to-do (did you know to-do is defined as “bustle; fuss”?). My ever increasing to-list becomes a to-do making me feel crazy inside.
Not that I want to totally scrap the to-do list idea, it is a good thing. I want to turn discouragement into courage by fighting the lie: I haven’t done anything today. So, I have decided to make a Ta-Da list (defined as “a jovial interjection in making an announcement, taking a bow, etc.”). This will be my backwards to-do list. I will write down the things I have done today. So, here is my–wow, is it really 2pm–Ta-Da list:
(Note: This is not chronological)
Got out of bed, dressed, brushed teeth, ate breakfast.
Listened to the Daily Audio Bible.
Took a shower and cut my hair.
Swept bathroom floor and wiped down the counters–hair gets everywhere.
Fed baby girl snacks, read to her countless books, played with her.
Cleaned up one of the “played with her” piles.
Emptied and loaded the dishwasher.
Put away breakfast things and wiped down the table.
Changed little girl’s diapers.
Folded laundry.
Put in another load and flipped it.
Worked on my budget planning.
Read and deleted a bunch of e-mails.
Had a nice talk with my mom–good relationships should be on everyone’s to-do list but rarely make it on the radar as important.
Made pizza dough for our pizzas tonight.

So, I could kick myself for everything I didn’t do. Rather, I will stand tall for what I did do. Once encouraged, I will take a look at that to-do list again and remind myself I have what it takes to succeed in those challenges. Maybe I should take a break first; I’ve been busy.

One more thing to add to my Ta-Da list: wrote and posted blog entry.


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The First Day of School is Coming up Fast

The first day of school is coming up fast.
The flurry of buying supplies, over. I hope.
The energy, kid energy, both positive and negative are serging.
I wonder what my days will be like, again, with a single little one toddling around.
At times, a quiet house.
Little blocks, board books and new words.
Exploring. Lots of exploring.
Long naps for Elmo and Pink bear with their beloved. I hope they are long, even if it’s just one.
Could I have time to create?
Only if I Buy up the moments and choose wisely.
Then comes the rushing sound of students returning. Backpacks and lunch bags trailing behind.
There are stories to share both of victories as well as wounds.
School projects and field trips and homework.
The first day is coming up fast.
Take a deep breath.
Ready. Set. Go!

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